Monday, May 21, 2007

August in Paris

A lot of people often think that Paris is not worth visiting in August because everything is closed.
This is a misconception which might once have been the case but is no longer accurate. The museums never close, the parks are still open, many many restaurants remain open and get this . . . the most interesting part to you as a tourist the crowds are less. This makes visiting the Eiffel Tower delightful rather than stressful, going to the Louvre time well spent instead of time lost in long lines.

Oh, mind you there are still a lot of people in Paris but at the same time things just seem to run a lot faster.

I rarely leave Paris in August as I enjoy the calm the reigns throughout. The city takes a deep breathe and renews itself.

So consider Paris in August before everyone else finds out.

Spring is in the air

We have had a bit a crazy weather recently in Paris. In the month of April when (despite the song's optimistic tone), it tends to rain more than shine, we had Summer like weather. Then it was a return to much cooler weather and gray skies. A bit of rain and then some sun. A bit of sun and then some rain.

Finally it would seem that perhaps the weather is heading in the right direction. Summer is almost here.

Europe is full of Summer festivals and Paris always plays a big roll, from the Cinema en Plein Air outdoor film festival throughout Paris and Roland Garros tennis to special exhibits in and out of doors, this is a great time to come to Paris and pretend to be a "Parisien"

Tip: It is always wise to plan a Spring and Summer Paris holiday in advance as rooms and apartments fill up quickly and larger groups become much harder to accommodate

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