Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's that smell?

" Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese" so said Luis Bunuel

As of this moment, there are over 500 different types of cheese made in France alone. One is sure to feel intimidated when entering a "Fromagerie"( a boutique selling only cheese). But you needn't be an expert, and like wines, you should allow yourself to sample the many varieties. And don't be shy about asking questions, the sales people are proud of their shops and pride themselves on their vast knowledge of the products they sell.

Cheese is made from three different types of milk; Cow's, Goat's and Sheep's or a mixture of them. And the taste is determined from which animal it comes from with ewe's being the stronger more full flavored of the three.

They are also grouped according to type;

-Fresh with no Rinds: Boursin
-Soft Cheeses with White Molds: Camembert and Brie
-Blue Cheeses: Roquefort ( soon to be heavily taxed in the USA thanks to George Bush)
-Pressed: Water that is literally pressed out
-Semi-hard( with natural mould or waxed rind): Saint- Nectaire, Cantal, Tomme and Beaumont.
-Hard Cheeses: Comte and Beaufort

You also have the spreadable cheese and ones made with wine and herbs.

So if you grew up on "Le vache qui rit" ( The laughing Cow), that soft, processed, melt in your mouth type, or Velveeta for that matter it's time to be adventurous during your vacation in Paris and journey to the following shops;

51, rue de Grenelle
Paris 7
Metro: Rue du Bac ( line 12)
Closed Sunday and Monday

If you want to mingle with celebrities and the elite, this is the place for you. Also known to have wonderful Brie and Camembert and the seasonal Vacherin ( Oct to Mar).

37, rue de Verneuil
Paris 7
Metro: Rue du Bac

This family run business will be celebrating it's 100th anniversary this year. Most Parisians know and trust this establishment and with 5 shops in the city, it's gotta be good!

Closer to home in Montmartre, you have at least 12 to choose from and we suggest the following;

Fromagerie de Montmartre
9, rue du Poteau
Paris 18
Metro: Jules Joffrin ( line 12)
Closed Sunday and Monday

Fromagerie Damremont
54, rue de Damremont
Paris 18
Metro Lamarck Caulaincourt (line 12)
Our apartments nearby: Merveille de Montmartre, Prestigious Montmartre, Picture Perfect, Caulaincourt Classique, Cozy Carpeaux

Fromagerie Bocquet
32, rue des Abbesses
Paris 18
Metro: Abbesses ( line 12)
Our apartments nearby: La Perle des Abbesses, Paris with a View, Contemporary Living, French Flair, Lovely Lepic, Lepic Retreat, Coeur de Montmartre

Fromagerie Baudu
125 rue Caulaincourt
Paris 18
Metro: Lamark Caulaincourt
Our apartments nearby: Caulaincourt Classique, French Kiss, Clair de Lune, Serene Custine

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