Monday, October 12, 2009

There's always something going on in Montmartre

So this afternoon, I joined my friend Gail and her daughter Yasmin for brunch in rue des Abbesses at "Le Vrai Paris". It was one of the more "brunchier" attempts I have come across in Paris though still not the classic brunch that some of us are used to. Anyway, at the end of brunch we were just strolling through the streets of Montmartre (which become primarily pedestrian except to residents, on Sundays from 11-6 PM and on holidays), and came across a jazz band playing on the corner of Abbesses and rue Ravignan. I just caught the end of their show but this is just one of those many occasions in Montmartre that something is going on.

If it is not the fêtes des Vendanges - a 5 day festival that ended today October 11th celebrating the last existing vineyard in Paris (in Montmartre), with artisnal stands, fireworks, performances and of course WINE, or a flea market, or some form of performance art, you will also often find spontaneous acts of music outside the Abbesses metro station or walking along entertaining those dining at the sidewalk cafes. I've even seen someone bring out their piano (that's right a piano not a keyboard).

We love Montmartre, and feel that you need to live this area, drink it, eat it, and ultimately love it yourself.

The majority of our properties are found in Montmartre and we encourage our guests to just take in the local culture a bit and partake in all the goings on in the area. Who knows, maybe next time you are in town, there will be a violinist serenading you below your window in rue Lepic or maybe you will show off your talents and join in to the chorus of singers.

See you soon!
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