Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Quest for the Ultimate Brunch

Any Parisian you may ask on the street would tell you that the quest for the ultimate brunch in the city of Paris, is a new "life long" mission. Since moving here 7 years ago, I have had my fair share of "brunch". Why the quotes? Well I grew up in New York, lived in Brooklyn and worked in Manhattan so brunch is as sacred to me as bread, cheese & a baguette are for a French person.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Une Anglaise à Paris (An English girl in Paris)

Having made the (admittedly, relatively easy) decision to move to France I hopped on the Eurostar a few weeks ago and found myself living in the eleventh arrondissement, working for Feels like home in Paris, and eating a croissant a day... I am very conscious of my good fortune. I have visited Paris before with family and friends but have never lived here so I am looking forward to taking the time to get to know it thoroughly. For the moment I have been exploring this wonderful city daily and discovering new sights, sounds and (very importantly) tastes around every corner.

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