Monday, July 4, 2011

Take me to Singapore Takeout with Chef André Chiang

I was utterly delighted when Michelle of Untapped Cities, informed me that I would be able to attend this exciting event at the Hippodrome at Porte d'Auteuil. The New York Time's named his restaurant Andre in Singapore as one of the 10 best restaurants in the world worth a plane ride. Now that is classy! So who could say no to such an offer dinner with chef Andre Chiang? And I didn't even have to buy a plane ticket.

After living in Japan, and France and now Singapore, this Twainese born culinary genius who told me he has been cooking since he was 13,  has taken the best of all these worlds to literally turn food upside down and inside out in what can truly be called art.

A 5-course dinner awaited the 28 or so guests at this pop-up restaurant on the grounds of the hippodrome at the end of which was the Singapore Takeout container. I had initially thought that we would be dining in the container but very quickly learned that the container was in fact the kitchen - a custom-built mobile professional lab. 
I was not at all disappointed by this experience which still has me salivating as I review my photos.

Tarte a L'Oignon
First we were presented with chef Andre's Tarte à l'Oignon (a reduced version of the French onion soup), to whet our appetites along with this "pomme de terre "Bravas" perched on a piece of cut wood - very earthy and yummy!

Pomme de terre "Bravas"
Pomme de terre "Bravas"
My favorite dish was the Foie gras "Chawanmushi" et coulis de Truffe noire which we were told the chef invented when he was 17. I don't usually like warm foie gras but this was just heavenly so much so that I was ready to be completely gauche and stick my finger in there to get up the remains.

Foie Gras "Chawanmushi"
Our next course was the risotto de calamars au riz de jasmin (a calamary risotto with jasmin rice) - also a pleasure for the palette.

Then came the Boeuf sur poudre de charbon aromatique, praliné d'oignon, a short rib that was so tender that it almost melted in your mouth. I was just downwind from the plates as they were being sauced and I assure you that it was just as appetizing. When a slight breeze blew through the wild herbs on top on the short rib, it made me thinking of lying in the grass for some reason.

Boeuf sur poudre de charbon aromatique, praliné d'oignon

The meal ended with a "Snickers Blanc" Chef André's interpretation of the peanut buttery candy. Every year he comes up with new representation and let me tell you if this was at your local candy store you would be in for a treat. Artfully presented, tastefully prepared, appealing for the eye and the taste buds what more could you ask for?

"Snickers Blanc"
Between courses we were invited to step up to the takeout window and watch the chef at work. I felt like one of the paparazzi snapping away but come on, how many times do you get this close the action unless you are working in the kitchen yourself (which I have I might add).  

This was certainly a nice introduction to the Singapore food scene and certainly a great bit of advertising for the tourist board. You may just want to start planning your next foodie holiday.

View all my photos of the event HERE

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  1. Great report and great time we also spent during this wonderful diner with chef Chiang

  2. Thanks Un Café, l'addition. It was indeed a great event. Glad you like the write up


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