Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Tidbit: Pont Neuf does not mean 'Bridge Nine'

Every day thousands of locals and tourist alike cross over the beautiful Pont Neuf bridge, but did you know that Pont Neuf does not mean Bridge Nine or the 9th bridge? Yes, though neuf does mean 9 it's not its only meaning. The bridge's name has absolutely nothing to do with the number nine!

This lovely stone bridge which was constructed in 1578 across the Seine river, and was so named by none other then King Henry IV. King Henry named it Pont Neuf the "New Bridge" as it had very modern features for its time, for example it was the widest bridge (for a period), there were no houses built on it and it was the first bridge to have pavement, which made it the perfect place for people to gather and socialize.
Today it is the oldest bridge in Paris

Taking a boat ride will give you a wonderful view of the oldest standing bridge across the river Seine in Paris, but I would recommend going to see it at night as it is beautiful when lit up! Many people still gather here on  summer nights to take in the amazing views. The small nooks  built into the bridge make for a wonderful spot to sit with your lover and admire Paris and the beautiful river Seine.

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