Saturday, December 8, 2012

Montmartre's Northern bar trends: Rosie

You may have noticed if you have ventured over to the North side of Montmartre that this is a slow changing neighborhood. It's Bohemian meets bobo meets immigrant population is creating some noteworthy establishments. Lodged between Boulevard Barbes and the various stairs leading you up to the Butte, this area is coming of age as the young hipsters are taking hold of and transforming various bars, restaurants and cafes. This is where you will find the little coffee shop, Black Market, the great stinky little cheese shop, Ramage et Fromage, the florist Les Mauvaises Grains, the fab restaurant without pretension, Cheri Bibi and more.

In the small streets idling towards the Marché Saint Pierre you will find small clothing designers and colorful boutiques of all sorts. This area is worth a wander and if you go through in the evening you are sure to spot the countless people in and out of the various bars dotting the areas around rues Ramey and Clingnancourt. This is where I discovered Rosie.

I was passing in front heading towards Abbesses via rue Muller and it instantly caught my eye. Fresh paint always makes one curious. The bar only just opened this Summer. Who were all those lovely people sipping beverages and listening to cool music. I didn't have time for a drink but scurried on over to at least get some details so that I would be back at a later date.

So it was for the night before my Naturalization ceremony that I asked a group of friends to join me for a toast at this swanky new joint. I thought it best to call ahead as I was expecting about 15 people and didn't want them to be surprised by the mass arrival. We were certainly not alone that evening but they easily accommodated us and made me feel like a princess for at least one night. They placed us in a little alcove which allowed for prime people watching. We stuck with wine and champagne but I did get offered a spicy delicious shot at the end of the evening - probably one drink too many. The service was friendly, the drinks were flowing and the crowd was present. Tom, Benjamin & Nicolas are the 3 owners who are making a mark in Paris's Nightlife and we are most appreciative. Besides drinks you can thank Tom's mother for the bites to eat - man can not live by drink alone.  

What's in the name?  Benjamin tells me the name of the bar came from two sources, Elvis Presley's mistress and an AC/DC song. I was not able to confirm the Elvis connection. But hey!

3 rue Muller
75018 Paris
Tel: 09 51 91 32 87

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