Saturday, December 1, 2012

World AIDS day December 1st 2012

Post by Yetunde Oshodi

I remember when I was in high school and we had a guest speaker come in on World AIDS day to talk to us about HIV/AIDS. I distinctly remember him asking the class if any of us knew anyone who was HIV positive. I think maybe just one of two people raised their hands. I often wonder if today the same group of people were sitting in a room and were asked this question, how the numbers would have changed. I knew no one at the time who was either living with or who had died from complications associated with HIV/AIDS. I wish I could still say the same today.

Doni Belau of Girls Guide to Paris, sent out an email asking us to consider putting up a donation button for her charity, Ubuntu Africa (UBA), who have put together a campaign to celebrate Dec. 1st World Aids Day with their Ambassador this year being actress/singer Vanessa Williams. Their objective is to educate people and raise money for the kids they take care of in South Africa who are HIV+. I must truthfully say that I was reticent at first, thinking, well why just South Africa after all my personal experience takes me to an entirely different country and wouldn't just a general donation to AIDS research be more in order. But then I took some time to think about it and I finally concluded that every little bit counts and to be honest I have no idea what my donation to a larger organization would really go towards. This seems so much more personal and real.  If ever we will one day be able to say that HIV/AIDS is no longer a part of our lives, we have to start somewhere and education is key.

I hope that you too will support UBA.

Donate Now - Ubuntu Africa

Every donation makes a difference … $2,500 supports one UBA child for a year; $500 provides a month of medical supplies; and $100 provides a hot meal to all 200 UBA children.

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