Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Amazing Cèpe: a wild mushroom lover's dream

Did you know that the general health association (DGS), in France recommends to amateur pickers that when in doubt on the toxicology of mushroom, they should consult their pharmacist? Historically as part of their training, Pharmacists in France are taught to recognize a large number of mushrooms in order to prevent food intoxication. So if you venture of into the wild to collect your mushrooms (proceed with caution), you can take your spoils to a local pharmacist to have him confirm whether or not they are edible. It is always best to go mushroom picking with someone who knows what they are doing as you probably don't want to make your next mushroom experience your last!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday wandering - Jardin Anne-Frank

The Jardin Anne-Frank is located near the Centre Pompidou at the end of the little Impasse Berthaud paved dead end street.  This hard to find garden is very away from tourists and even many locals don't realize it is here. We only found it by accident thanks to google maps. It is a great place to have a quiet picnic or a quick lunch.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Wandering: C’étaient des enfants - Déportation et sauvetage des enfants juifs à Paris

Although Paris was relatively unscathed during much of WWII that didn't mean all its citizens remained safe. The Vichy government openly collaborated with the Nazi occupiers to identify Jews for deportation and transportation to the death camps (about 75.000 were killed form Paris). Some of the saddest cases were the small children that were rounded up from Paris and sent off the the death camps.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

La Rentrée 2012: Coming soon Paris events. . .

C'est la rentrée! The mass re-population of Paris has been in effect for about a week. It's officially the end of Summer. And what a Summer it was: rain, more rain, a minor heatwave and then finally beautiful weather just in time for the end of Paris plage. : ( August is Paris's quietest warm month and the Parisian who can or who want to, take off to warmer pastures for Sun, sand and fun. I saw them on the route to Barcelona. I spotted them in Poitou-Charente. They were in the Herault and Aude. They were just everywhere!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Paris in August: The Myth Of The Parisian Ghost Town

A lot of people have a pre-conceived notion that all Parisians leave for the entire month of August and that nothing in the city is open. People had told me this but after actually living in Paris in August I realized that these people were exaggerating a bit.
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